With the name of Dekan Boya ve Yapı Kimyasalları, we have been in an understanding that aims to provide correct and effective solutions while producing the products needed by the building sector since 1998.

In order to meet the industry’s changing and evolving expectations every day; We have invested beyond our predictions for our r&D activities, scientific studies and technological alconstruction.

The two main reasons why we are in the position of being the most preferred manufacturer in the projects where we have been involved in the past 21 years, our solution partners are our product quality and service understanding.

Preserving our principles and the values ​​that make us who we are today, we offer a strong product range, rich color options and competitive prices in construction chemicals, insulation systems and paint products with the Fenix ​​Neo Tech brand. Besides the project studies; We also serve end users through our wholesale and retail dealers.

If you have not met Fenix ​​Neotech, you can reach us from our dealers and production facility in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone from the information below.

We are honored…

Chairman of the Board/ Chemical Engineer